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Updated:- 31/08/01 
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As I said on my "About" page I used to collect British medals. But since I sold my collection some six years ago I have been collecting world Orders and Decorations. My particular interest lies in the Orders and Decorations of pre Communist Bulgaria, German military groups pre 1918. I also have a small collection of the Frence Legion of Honour, (mainly because of the many types awarded over it's long period of use) and some unusual items of an interest value. Enamelled Orders are pleasing to the eye and make a superb collection that even the layman can admire. Being also a dealer, I have the added luxury of being able to own for a short time some of the these beautiful decorations which I do not collect myself. But I still get the greatest enjoyment from them never the less.

I have included some ten items from my own collection which will be on show for a while, for those of you who appreciate enamelled Orders.

1. Bulgaria:- Order of Civil Merit 2nd Class set of insignia.
2. Bulgaria:- Order of Military Bravery (1st World War Issue) 3rd Class Breast Badge.
3. Bulgaria:- Order of St Alexander 5th Class with Swords 1st Type as it is without Crown.
4. France:- Legion of Honour (2nd Empire 1852-1870) 4th Class Officer.
5. German States (Weldeck) :- The Small Medal for Arts & Science.
6. German States (Kingdom of Saxony) :- Order of Civil Merit with Swords Knight 1st Class.
7. German States (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) :- War Merit Cross 2nd Class dated 1849.
8. German States (Kingdom of Saxony):- Group of Six :- Saxony: Military Order of St Henry. 4th Class (Knight). Saxony: Order of Albert Knight 1st Class. Prussia: Order of the Red Eagle 4th Class Civil. Prussia: Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914. Austria: Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with war decoration. Spain: Military Order of Merit 1st Class (Peace time award with white enamel).
9. German States (Prussia):- Group of Six :- Iron Cross 2nd Class 1870. Order of the Red Eagle with Swords 4th Class (1st Type). Duppel Storm Cross 1864. Franco-Prussian War Medal 1870/71. Koniggratz Cross 1866. Campaign Medal 1864 for War with Denmark.
10. People Republic of Mongolia:- Order of Labor Red Banner.
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