Military Badges (Antique & Collector)
Updated:- 01/03/10
Main List
Badges marked with RS are to my opinion are classed as a restrike and all priced at 3.50

Cavalry 1898 to Present

Infantry Badges 1898 to Present

Royal Artillery & Royal Engineers & Signals

0853 Royal Engineers KC GV voided Brass 4.00
1940 Royal Engineers KC GVI voided Brass 4.00

Depatments of Corps & Miscellaneous

1025 Royal Amy Ordnance Corps KC Brass 4.00
2190 Womans Royal Army Corps QC Bi-Metal RS

Foot Guards

Airborne,Special Services & Royal Marines

Gurkha Regiments

Units Raised During !st World War

Imperial Yeomanry & Yeomanry Regiments


Volunteers 1914-1918

Territorial Force & Regiments 1908 to Present


London Regiment 1908-1922

Cyclists Battalions 1908-1920

Officer Training Corps, Schools & Womans Corps

Plastic Badges of 2nd WW

Non British Badges

Shoulder Titles

BT1561 T | 28 | COUNTY OF LONDON (3 Tier Title) From 1908 Brass 18.00
BT1562 T | 28 | LONDON (3 Tier Title) From 1908 Brass 17.00
BT1562 WREAKIN |OTC | COLLEGE (3 Tier Title) From 1908 Brass 12.00

Collar Badges

COL1000 Royal Marine (Officers) Bronze 3.00
COL1001 Royal Marine (Blue Plastic) Plastic 3.00
COL1002 Royal Marine (Officers with crown & lion) QC Bronze 4.00
COL1003 Air Training Corps (Officers) Gilded 6.00
COL1004 Royal Artillery (Officers) Bronze 2.00
COL1005 Royal Artillery (Brown Plastic) Plastic 2.00
COL1006 Staffordshire Regiment (Officers) Bronze 3.00
COL1007 Staffordshire Regiment (OR's) Bi Metal 3.00
COL1961 Hampshire Regiment (Officers) KC Bronze 7.00
COL1008 Canadian Maple Leaf (Officers) KC Bronze 3.00
COL1009 Canadian Maple Leaf (Officers) VC Bronze 4.00
COL1010 Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Copper 2.00

Trade Badges

Stay Bright Badges