Commonwealth Coins (Antique & Collector)
Updated:- 04/01/02 
Click on the camara for a larger veiw of the item in full colour.
Please note that in order to see all the faults on the coin it is shown larger.
The coins are listed in order of denomination from the highest to the lowest and for the numbering system I have used is the Krause catalogue numbers, which are more explanatory. Where two grades are listed the first one is the obverse.


    KR023 1914 One Shilling. Coin in Fine condition. 6.00
    KR024 1927 Three Pence. Coin in Fine condition. 5.00
    KR023 1912H One Penny. Coin in GVF condition. 15.00
    KR023 1915H One Penny. Coin in VF condition. (Very Scarce) 20.00
    KR022 1918 One Half Penny. Coin in GVF condition. 15.00
    KR022 1931 One Half Penny. Coin in GEF condition. 20.00


    KR011 1910 Twenty Five cents. Coin in NEF condition. 20.00
  KR023 1918 10 cents. Coin in EF condition. 5.00
    KR007 1876 One Cent. Coin in VF condition. 3.00
    KR008 1908 One Cent. Coin in EF condition. 4.00
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